On Being Cool

Being cool. Such an important topic for most of the young generation of our days. Everybody wants to be cool, to be the guy/gal that everyone looks up to. But how does one be cool.

Such an important topic for most of the young generation of our days. Everybody wants to be cool, to be the guy/gal that everyone looks up to. But how does one be cool.
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t become cool by following the latest fashion trends or being in line with other popular choices regarding various aspects of your life. Those are very superficial things and if you don’t have your core handled they’ll increase your insecurities.

From a physics point of view, warm things have high energy and things have high energy when they are in rapid motion. So, cool things have lower energy and lower motion, meaning that when it comes to humans, they are more grounded.

That’s it. For being cool, you have to be grounded.

You gain energy and get scattered all over the place when you are in a constant struggle with yourself. When you are schizophrenic, you have different parts of you struggling against each other. You have certain desires and you are ashamed of those desires. It is in these moments that you have to be decisive. Either act on those desires or take a stand against them and banish them from your life without any shame. You should not choose shame as a means of banishing desires, you remove certain desires from your life because you decide that in the greater scheme of your life they will be futile or worse, detrimental.

You remove the internal struggles of your personality with acceptance. You accept your strengths as well as your weaknesses. You accept your greatest moments as well as the moments of your life for which you wish you had the memory device from Men In Black. Remember this, you are not a robot. You are a human and humans are entitled to make mistakes. That is how we learn. We experiment, get positive or negative results and then we course correct accordingly.

All of your life is basically a course correction.

You rarely get where you want to go in the first attempt. Every day, people are just making things work somehow. Don’t get me wrong, people have plans, and those plans often work, but not without some measure of adaptation.

So, back to being cool.

How do you do it?

First, do this mentally. Recognise the internal struggles, as many as you can and resolve them with your decisiveness and your ability to let go. You don’t have to explain your desires to anyone else but you do have to bear the consequences(both good and bad) whatever they may be if you choose to act on them.

Secondly and more importantly, practice Osho’s Dynamic Meditation or Elliott Hulse’s Bioenergetic routine. Whenever you seek to create changes in your life, make sure they are not just on a cerebral level, involve your body wherever you can. You don’t want to be caught up in your head where your struggles live. These practices will bring your awareness in your body and ground your energy.

There you go, my thoughts on being cool. With time, this blog will evolve and my articles will get more refined (course correction ;P). Till then, bear with me and enjoy our journey.

By the way, I also mentioned two of my mentors, Osho and Elliott Hulse. I highly recommend you check them out.

Your man


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