Live Here, Now

Morals make you dead. Morals belong to the past. If you start clinging to your morals, you start rejecting life for what it is and get depressed over what it should be and isn’t. Morals create a fixed image of you that you try to live up to even though it may be detrimental to you.

The problem is that a certain way of being served you in the past and you cling to it for security and certainty. This doesn’t allow you to grow or live in the present. You are
constantly trying to be a certain person while ignoring your existence as it is or worse still struggling against it.

You can’t step in the same river twice. (Not my line, paraphrased, credits to Heraclitus)

Morals make you dead. A better alternative?

Working Principles. These are essentially morals but with a big difference, the possibility for change. While Morals are sacrosanct to you as told to you by society, working principles
are not. They change. They change when, you guessed it, they don’t work.

This is a part of being ruthless. You are ready to change any aspect of yourself if you find that it is not working, even your principles. When your principles are changeable, you become adaptable. Being adaptable is essential for survival.

You know what happened to the species that could not adapt to the changing environment during evolution? You guessed it again, they are all extinct. Adaptation is an important part of life. It allows you to live in the present.

Beware, I’m not saying that you change your principles at the drop of a hat, then you’ll be worse. But create a balance of stillness and fluidity. Don’t become blind to your senses just because your mind says so. Mind is a good slave, but a very bad master. It is there to simplify your life not to create additional stress which is what most people use it for.

Don’t cling, be like water (Bruce Lee). Change. Adapt. Live Here, Now.

A good book on this topic is Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton. Do check it out.

Your man