You don’t have to be Happy

You don’t have to be happy all the time.

People now a days have become obsessed with happiness. This obsession would have been fine if they hadn’t also become so god damn afraid of unhappiness. It is okay to be unhappy or sad. People are people, not robots that can be programmed with one constant feeling.

Some days you’re on top of the world and some days you’re down in the dumps irrespective of the external circumstances. The poorest of people have great days and even Bill Gates has bad days. Keep moving with life, it’s in your getting stuck that the problem deepens. If only you were willing to accept what is and move with life, you’ll be much happier.

People get sad about being sad. How foolish is that? So you’re sad, its not a big deal. Go finish your work and go to sleep. If you feel sad, do some activity that is refreshing for you. Take a few breaths, with each successive breath gradually getting deeper. Then go for a walk in the park or to play some sport if the weather is suitable. I don’t know what works for you, but that does it for me.

Don’t ever be sad about being sad. That is a vicious circle to fall into. Come back to the present and get moving, literally moving. A lot of the time blood circulation can help with your sadness. A lack of movement in the modern society is a major cause of the unhappiness. The less you move, the more you recede into your head and away from the body and the present. Get moving, feel into your body and if you are still sad, call it a day. Sometimes it’s better to leave things to time.

Don’t resist what is, accept life and move in the direction that suits you.

Your man