Why Lone?

This is my first post on this blog. This is actually a two-part article in which I explain the name of this blog and my basic philosophy.

So, Why Lone?

This is one of the most basic realisations that comes to a person who increases his awareness. In reality, you are alone, you are just an observer. You have interactions with other people and you have interactions with the voices in your head.

You may have heard or read this statement many times before but it if did not create a radical change in you, it is because you did not come to it yourself. It was like a thing you read and perhaps gave a slight nod, thinking in your head, “Yup, that’s cool.” But when you come to it on your own; through meditation or some incident; your life is going to change radically. It would be a big aha moment for you.

Do you realise the implications of this realisation?

It means that you exist independent of any external or internal circumstances. You are timeless. You are not your possessions. Your possessions can be anything from your car to your beliefs. Once you realise that you are just a blank slate and you possess your possessions and not the other way round (Fight Club reference ;P); your power soars.

How does this increase my power?

Glad you asked. When you realise that you are alone, everything becomes a choice; and one who has choices is powerful. Your obligations become choices. Your beliefs become choices. Your needs become wants. You gain the ability to look at society and your life with clarity and intense realism without the spectacles that were forcibly given to you by society. This realisation drastically reduces your needs (I’m not talking about survival needs here, I’m talking about the needs which are artificially created in you by marketing schemes).

Keep in mind that I said we are all alone, not lonely. Loneliness is completely different. Loneliness is a sad state of mind. Aloneness is not. It is its diametric opposite. If loneliness is a beggar then aloneness is the emperor. Aloneness is bliss.

See you in the next article in which I explain “Why Spartan?”. I don’t go into much detail now, saving some stuff for later posts ;).

Ask questions, experiment, find your bliss.

Your man,