Why Spartan?

When you have the first part handled, that is, you have realised your aloneness you’ll know that you don’t have a nature than that of the observer. This leaves you empty.

I invite you to fill this emptiness intentionally. You fill this emptiness with a working philosophy that is best suited to your desires.

While the last post on aloneness was of a universal nature, this post on the Spartan philosophy is personal to me.

The main tenets of this philosophy are minimalism, ruthlessness and courage.
I’ll go over them one by one.


The world offers you so much. But not all offerings appeal to you. There are so many choices, so many roads you can take. How do you decide?

Minimalism is actually a maximisation of effectiveness. We take the few things that give us the maximum pleasure and magnify them at the expense of the things that do the opposite (or to a lesser effect).

I’m not asking you to judge your desires or be anti-materialistic. No. I want you to focus. I want you to choose.

Focus on the desires that make you feel alive, shaking in your knees. Life is too short to just get by. These desires will demand so much from you that you will automatically have to give them all your attention to make them real.

This leads to the next tenet.


When you have your few desires penned down (it is better to write these down, just
to make them concrete), it is time for action.

The first thing that you have to do is be ruthless with other conflicting desires or distractions. If you have spent sufficient time thinking about your desires, visualising them and feeling the emotions that come on their realisation, you can make an informed choice amongst conflicting desires.

Once you make a decision, you stick to it. You let go of the other desires and focus on the positive feelings that will come to you when you realise your chosen desires.

You have to be ruthless in letting go and against distractions. Our world is replete with distractions. You have emails, twitter feeds, WhatsApp messages, breaking news and what not. When you are deep in the trenches taking action, you can’t afford distractions.

Be ruthless. Ruthless with the things holding you down. These things could be distractions, your friends, family or even yourself. Choose and be ruthless.


The last tenet of this philosophy is courage. The Spartans were known for their courage and their fearlessness. If you have the seen the movie 300, you know what I’m talking about (if you haven’t, watch it).

You have to have the courage to go after the seemingly impossible. The thing that seems to be just out of your reach or even way out of your reach. If people have done it before then so can you. If they haven’t, wouldn’t it be cool to be the first ;P.

Courage is a belief in yourself that “I’m okay, it will all be okay. Let’s do this.”

Final words

There are a lot more little things that I’ve found important to tell you. I’ll be talking about them soon.


Imagine. Choose. Focus. Have Courage. Take Action. Be Ruthless.

Till next time.

Your man